Online Concert Set-up

Download ZOOM

Click to visit ZOOM website

ZOOM is FREE to download and use

The ZOOM video calling platform is being used to provide the online concerts. To access the online concerts, it’s best to download the ZOOM application (software) to the device you will be using.

You can do this now manually by clicking here


Do it when you click the ‘ACCESS ONLINE CONCERT’ link in your ‘Ticket Confirmation Email’. You will then be directed to the ZOOM website where you will be prompted to download the ZOOM app.

Click here to visit the ZOOM website page that has helpful tutorial videos 

Concerts are being held on the ZOOM ‘meeting’ platform.

How to get the Best Experience 

The best and easiest to configure set – up for group viewing would look something like this:

  • Laptop connected to TV so you can see laptop screen on TV screen and have the audio playing through the TV speakers. Even better if you have a great sound system.

IMPORTANT: Go into your ZOOM settings and select the audio / speaker setting for your TV. Otherwise the audio will play through your laptop speakers.

  1. Zoom app downloaded onto a laptop that has a HDMI port built – in
  2. Connect HDMI cable from laptop to TV
  3. Adjust your source setting on your TV to HDMI
  4. The laptop screen should now show up on your TV

HDMI cables can be purchased from numerous online stores and marketplaces such as eBAY!

Other Set-ups

You can buy adapters for other devices such as ipads and connect the ipad to the TV via HDMI. You can also remotely cast your ipad or other tablet screen onto the TV.

  • Viewing the concerts on a phone should be okay for 1 viewer
  • Viewing the concerts on an ipad, other tablet, notebook etc should be okay for 1-3 viewers
  • Laptops with medium to large screens should be okay for 1-8 viewers

To get better audio for these devices it would be advisable to attach an external speaker to the headphone socket or via USB on the laptop or via the headphone socket on the ipad, tablet or phone.

If you need any assistance contact us